An intricate analysis.
Shalom Family,
Thanks for accepting the call to corporately study and share on the book of proverbs. We will be doing one chapter a day. I encourage as many as can, to read, study, meditate and share a thought/s from your devotion. May the Lord bless our devotions.

We Love God. God loves Order.
We love Order.

As we continue, a few house keeping rules.. Observe:
  1. Read the Bible
  2. Share what you have learnt
  3. Ask questions where you don't understand
  4. Read the contributions of others
  5. Try to contribute to questions asked by others
  6. While answering or interrogating contributions of others, exercise wisdom and be respectful
  7. Avoid thoughts outside the chapter or text under discourse.

To sustain the goal of one chapter a day, let us try as much as possible to contribute to the daily chapter before 11 am of the following day. For example, contributions for chapter 1 of Proverbs ought to be submitted by 11 am today so that we kick off Proverbs 2. Ps. However this shall not be strictly observed if there is a burning question from a previous chapter. 🙏


How God Communicates.

Fri May 01 2020 23:59:59 GMT+0300 (East Africa Time)

God speaks to us in different ways. He choses deliberate and specific means to get is to listen.
Some of the ways God speaks includes:

The Bible.
- This is the most primary means of communication from God. It consists of many books which have been compiled by scholars led of the Holy Ghost ,with the aim of guiding a person's spiritual life to Salvation.It is structured into two parts, The Old Testament and The New Testament.
- This is a two way means of communication .God speaks to us in our prayers,sometimes giving a response through our own words in His own Omniscient way.
The Holy Spirit
- A helper was sent to help convict the sins of man and guide us through our spiritual journey.
Dreams & Visions
- Once you have the Holy spirit it is easy to recieve communication in the physical realm. This is a result of manifestations discussed in the succeeding point.
Miracles & Wonders.
- An overflow of the fullness of God,an exponential advancement of the Lord's Kingdom into the physical world. This is an evidence of God at work.

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